The growth of technology has given rise to many new industries and has also provided people with access to a wealth of new knowledge. There are a variety of things that people can do all through the smartphone devices that are in their hands. There are numerous smartphone applications that are available for finances, whether it be for investing, saving, or learning. These are some of the best finance apps for beginners to use when learning how to manage their personal finances.


Acorns is a smartphone app that allows its users to take better control of their investment portfolios. After a user connects their credit cards and debit cards to the Acorns app, the app will automatically invest small amounts of money into an investment portfolio every time the user makes purchases. These small amounts of money add up over time and quickly compound when the money is properly invested. The price of the Acorns services can vary based on the subscription level that a user chooses.


It is very important for people to track their finances over time, especially when they have multiple accounts set up. Tracking finances allows people to see the amount of money they are depositing, the amount of money they have saved and invested, and the amount of money they are spending, providing a picture of their overall financial health. Mint makes tracking finances and investments easy with its smartphone application. The Mint app is free and allows its users to link numerous bank accounts, investment accounts, and cards to the app.

Personal Capital

Personal Capital is a free app that makes tracking finances very easy. The app provides an overview of its users’ financial histories and conveniently tracks users’ income, investments, and debt. Personal Capital also offers wealth management services for users who would like assistance with their finances. The wealth management services do come with fees, but Personal Capital makes sure that it actively guides and assists its users with their finances when they are using the wealth management tools.

There are numerous apps that are available to help people to manage their personal finances. A person’s choice depends on their specific needs and goals.