Macroeconomic concepts are sewn into the fabric of how society functions on a daily basis. But few people really understand the fundamental concepts that make up macroeconomics, from fiscal policies and global trade logistics to market supply and demand.


Lumen Learning


Lumen Learning’s course on macroeconomics is a great way to cultivate economic thinking and analysis. It applies macroeconomic ideas in the context of a country’s economy. Course enrollees learn about key indicators of gross domestic product(GDP), unemployment and inflation rates, cyclical consumer behavior, choice and scarcity, Keynesian economic model, etcetera. The content is based on OpenStax’s Principles of Economics in addition to contributions made by the platform’s subject matter experts.




There are 40+ macroeconomics courses available on Coursera, most of which are free to enroll in. One of the top-rated courses, Country Level Economics from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, has been taken by more than 30,000 students with a 4.4 star rating. It is a course designed to educate learners on how macroeconomic variables impact a person’s personal and professional choices. For students who wish to apply enterprise-level macroeconomics, you can take Macroeconomics For Business Management taught by Fundacao Instituto de Administracao, which is also available on Coursera.




Another provider of free macroeconomics content online is edX. The MOOC platform features a rich library of macroeconomic courses, many of which you can earn a professional certificate after completion. Some of the options you have include Macroeconomics taught by the University of Queensland, Macroeconomics – The Basics by DoaneX, and Fundamentals of Macroeconomics by Universidad Carlos III de Madrid.


MIT OpenCourseware


For more than a century, the Department of Economics of Massachusetts Institute of Technology has been a leading resource in the field of economics. MIT OpenCourseware’s courses can prepare students with regards to common macroeconomic issues, including US 

and foreign economies, central bank policies, key economic crises that has swept the nation, and more. The course comes with exams and assignments with problem sets to help students keep track of their learning progress.


Understanding macroeconomic concepts that govern how far your dollars go is key to achieving personal financial security, investing responsibly and profitably, and working in the financial sector. Use the aforementioned resources to get the high-quality education you need without having to accumulate student debt.