The education of your kid is one of the most important aspects of their childhood. A great school can teach them the valuable skills needed to become successful later in life. There are a number of public schools throughout the country that offer an excellent education at no cost. While the school may not charge tuition, you will likely still need to spend some money. These are the three highest hidden costs of public education. 

Sports Equipment

Playing sports is one of the most popular extracurricular activities for kids in school. While the school will provide uniforms and a few other basics, there are still a few things that will need to come out of your pocket. Shoes, specialized equipment, and other accessories will all be your responsibility. You will also have to spend extra gas money as you travel around the area to watch your kid play. Sports like baseball and hockey are more expensive than basketball or soccer. 

Increased Housing Costs

If you want your kid to get the best education possible, then you will need to live in an area with a great school district. These areas are often in high demand as new parents look to give their kids the best opportunity to succeed. This increased demand routinely drives up housing costs in great school districts. Local taxes will also be higher in order for the city to help fund the schools. This is a small price to pay to ensure your kid gets the education they deserve. 

Lunches and Other Small Expenses

There are a lot of small expenses that add up over the course of the school year. You will have to buy your kid’s lunch every day they attend school. They will likely have the chance to take several fun field trips that require some extra money from their parents. You may have to buy tickets to watch your kid perform in the school’s latest play or concert. There will also be several fundraising opportunities throughout the year that require your time and money. All of this can add up to several hundred dollars each year.